Saturday, May 9, 2009

White Cakes & Promises

Over the years, I've attended scores of weddings, part of the wedding party a few times, but most of the time as a guest. I giggle as I recall some that didn't go quite as planned. I've seen cake catastrophes and wedding veils being stepped on. One time an overzealous bridesmaid caught her hair on fire (turns out hairspray is quite flammable). It was quickly extinguished, but it left quite a smell for the ceremony.

At my oldest son's wedding, the candle lighters had trouble lighting the wicks. When they finally did (which was quite some time later) the congregation applauded and burst into laughing. At my younger son's wedding, there were dances that were pretty hilarious, including dance offs that were caught on videotape.

My own wedding was rather simple and tame in comparison. We married on Christmas Eve. We had a "home" ceremony at my sister's house who lived in Forestdale AL at the time. To this day, I'm reminded of the '70s each time I look at our wedding photos. I wore a wide brimmed floppy hat with a white peasant-styled dress. My husband had an afro hairstyle, wore stacked- heel shoes, and a wide collared polyester shirt. It's fun to reminisce.

Think of all the giddiness and commotion that goes along in preparations for a wedding. All this recollecting has me thinking about the many special occasions in our lives, the traditions we treasure, and the memories we make.

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