Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tulip Festival

The days are warmer, breezes gentler, sun brighter, grass greener, . . . nothing announces the arrival of spring more than "just-opened" blooms. Dale (husband) and I took a day trip to see the lovely display of tulips located in NW Washington. The song Tiny Tim made famous came to mind: Tiptoe Through the Tulips. Although tulips are so commonly associated with Holland, around here, we think Skagit Valley. We witnessed an endless sea of brilliant color waving gently in a breeze, a field of tulips stretched as far as the eye could see, each blossom was a divine masterpiece. The tulip-with its sturdy stem, green leaves, and perfect petal cups shouted spring with a burst of vibrant color. I found out there are over 100 species that belong to the tulip family. The assorted characteristics of the tulip are many. They may have single or double blossoms or perhaps wear ruffles or fringe. They may also be quite unassuming, a picture of beautiful simplicity. Other stunning variations include the unique "parrot" tulip with its feathered and curled petals and tulips with multicolored stripes. In addition to the yellow, pink, and red tulips most commonly seen in gardens, they also come in colors of deep purple, orange, burgundy, creamy peach, and white. spring. When those first beautiful booms burst forth from the awakening earth, we know that the season of rebirth is upon us. After the long gray winter, the tulip bestows the gift of hope for blue skies, budding trees, and late afternoon strolls. Whether used in paintings or as a garden border edge, the tulip is truly the basis of a spring garden and just the inspiration we need to begin anew. Flowers beckon you to relax and sit a spell. Take the time.

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