Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Time to Celebrate: Mothers

Mother's Day is a time of celebration and gratitude for mom. It's a time of breakfast in bed, gatherings, and crayon scribbled cards. They say a mother's love is like no other love.

I can't imagine going through life without experiencing motherhood. Nothing makes me happier.

Raising boys was an adventure. My sons provided me with immeasurable amounts of joy, not to mention bruised knees to clean, rambunctious friends, and good-natured teasing. My love for my sons lifts them up and keeps them grounded. It allows them to take pride in their accomplishments and teaches them to be humble. It encourages them to laugh with abandon, and it dries their tender tears, too.

Mothers have given unconditional and immeasurable love since the beginning of breaths. Mothers cure "boo boos" with magic kisses and quell our fears with simple words.

My own mother will be 87 on her birthday. Unfortunately she has gravitated toward a more sedentary lifestyle that's proven to be debilitating. Sadly, she is now bedridden, yet she has a quick mind. Once, she had a bundle of energy and could out-shop the best of 'em. Over the years, she has made many quiet sacrifices and would move heaven and earth to give us kids a decent upbringing as best she could. Anyone who knows her would agree she's free-spirited, sharp witted, amusing, quirky, and a straight talker. These are the qualities I know as "Mom."

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