Friday, May 1, 2009


When I was in 2nd grade at Hueytown Elementary School (1968/69), we had a May Day Festival on field day. Each grade practiced to perform for the special event. Refreshments (finger foods and beverages) were provided. The parents and community were invited to attend. Our grade presented a synchronized choreographed display with 30" colorful parachutes. We skipped to folk music, to the left, right, to the center, and back to the edge. The parents and community were invited to attend. We were quite proud of ourselves. It's funny, 'cause we took it so seriously, we didn't want to make a single error. I'll never forget that another grade did a beautiful maypole dance. That memory has always stuck with me. I was so impressed. They were older kids with matching color clothes. Kids made a circle facing the pole. As the music played, the dancers weaved, plaited, and intertwined making interesting pattern designs with the fabric streamers. Another grade did an interesting cultural dance using bamboo sticks. Another grade did some impressive square dance numbers. I can't remember what the rest of the grades offered for the entertainment, but it was a magical day. I still recall my teacher's name - Mrs. Thompson. I can also recall the name of one girl - Kim. I wonder if someone took pictures of that day. I'd be interested in seeing photos from primary school days. Too bad the schools don't do these types of events these days, I guess they don't have the staff or funds or patience! I think it makes a great tradition. It was good-clean-fun. By the way, May Day is also known as "Garland Day." Floral head-wreaths were made and worn by girls. A "May Queen" was chosen and crowned. It marked the end of dreary winter months and welcomed in summer. It was celebrated with fun, music, dancing, and games. To clebrate today, hang a basket of flowers on your neighbor's front door, share a bouquet with someone who works with you. Wear a posy on your jacket. A breathtaking May Day flower bouquet can be created with small stems of pink dogwood blossoms, lilacs, and white peony tulips.

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