Thursday, May 21, 2009


Of course with my daddy fading away, I've been giving a lot of thought to him that I'd like to share. He is quite a complex person, so he may be hard to describe, but I'll give it my best attempt.

He's not a tall man, standing at 5'10." Once, he had brunette hair, but now it's almost all gray. Growing up, I always thought he was quite handsome. He always dressed well and carried himself with assurance, that made me proud.

He is a man of integrity, having high morals, and expecting the same from others. He didn't drink, smoke, lie, cheat, or steal in my lifetime. My father was an avid bible scholar. He knew God's word backwards and forwards. Not only could he quote scriptures, he could tell you the book and chapter to just about any verse. He could tell you a bible patriot's name, the father, the mother, the sons/daughter, and the residency. I always admired this ability.

He was the type of man who had plenty of practical know-how and knowledge, but at times, he could have a know-it-all attitude. He's mostly known to others by his occupation (minister and mechanic), hunting, friendships, and church affiliation. He always had a bounty of energy, few people could keep his pace. For most people, working forty hours a week is adequate. My father only knew to work most all waking hours.

He was a realist, driven to speak the truth as he saw it. Most people prefer to leave well enough alone, but not my dad. He was sure to make his opinion known.

Like all people, he had his strengths and weaknesses. As a loved one nears the end of their life, you tend to want to dwell on their goodness. I appreciate my father for caring, protecting, and providing for his family. I know that God will richly reward him in heaven for his faithfulness.

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