Monday, May 11, 2009


When I was young, ladies' purses were always stocked with hankies ready for use. Nothing seems more feminine and ladylike. Of course, today we wouldn't be without our Kleenexes.

The handkerchiefs were delicate with intricate embroidery and skilled tatted or laced edges. They not only served the women to dry tears but served as "works of art."

I'm still fond of the beautiful linens. Maybe, you share enthusiasm for these things as well. I think they're absolutely endearing. Many are actually precious heirlooms.

Back in the day, hankies were used to signal applause at the theater. As a child, I remember "hanky waves" at church. My father had simple masculine white hankies with his monogram "L" for Leland. Preachers always had one ready to pull out to wipe their sweat.

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