Saturday, May 30, 2009


The definition of shindig: a large and noisy party of people; a group of people gathered together for pleasure; informal festivity often with dancing; social occasion; celebration; merrymaking affair; commotion. For five years, we watched The Apprentice series. It is a reality T.V. show run by Donald Trump giving advice on how to succeed. Candidates are given a task each week, then their efforts are judged. The team challenge may be to create a product, market, create ideas, run a business, or lead. As the weeks go by, the pressure increases and deadlines get more aggressive. The overall winner becomes an employee of one of Trump's empires. Four of the seasons, we hosted a "party" at our house each week to watch the television show. My son's friends would come over and I provided food and drink. At the very beginning of the new series, each person would pick a candidate they believed would win in the end. Each person put $5 or $10 in a sealed envelope with their choice. Whoever was right, got all the money in all the envelopes. This kept the show more interesting, because we would cheer for the team with "our" player in it. As the show started playing its theme song Money Money Money, we "danced" in the living room. It was considered bad luck for your player if you didn't get up and dance. We had lots of fun and learned a few business things along the way while watching the show. Once it changed to Celebrity Apprentice, we didn't get together like that anymore. Good times, I miss it! Enclosed are some photos taken during that time. The following people participated (at least once): Dale, Nina, Jordache, Bria, Michael, Jeff, David, Chris, Amanda, Joyce, Will, Joe, Ben, Jen, Quint, Dacia, Cydnie, Jessica, Travis, Maria, James, Brandon, Jody, Drew, Jazz, Daniel, Linzy, Tony, Justine, Geoff, Melissa B., Jeremiah, Kristin, ... Hope you enjoy them!

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