Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Countryside Hideaway

A couple of years back, we took a trip to Redding and Lake Shasta CA. In Redding, we stayed at a hotel with a pool. The weather was warm and dry. Of course, our first stop had to be eating at In & Out Burger. If you've never tried it, you've got to! We visited the 700 foot Sundial Bridge, a green pedestrian cantilever cable bridge. The bridge deck is surfaced with translucent lit glass. Then we visited Lake Shasta. The lake is a reservoir created by the damming of the Sacramento River. We crossed the lake in a catamaran ferry and boarded a bus which took us up the ridge on a narrow winding road 800 feet in elevation. The natural limestone and marble caverns have beautiful formations of crystallized stalagmites and stalactites. They grow approximately one inch every 100 years. So if you're driving through on I-5, be sure to stop, it's worth the visit.

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