Thursday, May 14, 2009

In Love With Blue & White

Who's in love with blue and white? I am, and I think I'm not alone. Blue has always been my favorite color. It seems that others also appreciate the classic look of intense blue played against pure white. My grandmother had some old blue willow dishes she used, this may have been the start of my fascination. I'm a fan of Flow Blue dishes and Asian china.

At my old house on Belmont, we remodeled the kitchen with white cabinets & appliances, a blue & white backsplash, and used blue accents/decor. I loved it!

At my current home, my living room couch is federal blue velvet. In may not be what is vogue at this present time, but it pleases me, that's what counts.

I also like yellow paired with the color combination. Place daffodils in a cobalt glass and it is absolutely stunning. My bedroom walls are butter yellow and my bedding is Ralph Lauren Imari Porcelain Blue. My master bath is also done in blue and white. I love its "clean" look.

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