Saturday, May 2, 2009

Reading Circle

Have you read a good book lately? I certainly hope so. What are you reading now, what's on your nightstand? Comfort can be found in a good book. I read books for pure enjoyment and I also read books to find out who I am. What others do, think, and feel can guide my understanding of who I am and what I may become. In the past, I've participated in two different book groups. The first book club was with A.A.U.W, the second was through my church. We read fiction, non-fiction, autobiographies, mysteries... There's nothing like gathering with other women discussing a book. We met in private homes, the talks covered a wide range of subject matter chosen to either enlighten, educate, enhance, or entertain our lives. It's fun to gather together with a diverse group of gals to dig a little deeper into an engaging topic. Sharing a good book is as rewarding as reading one. Exploring plots, analyzing characters, and learning about authors with other likeminded people once a month was invigorating. I always got a kick at the interaction that took place between readers. Sometimes you'd wonder if a person read the same book you read because they saw things so completely different. There are many ways to run a book group. One year, we picked the theme - Classics. We voted on recommended titles that intrigued or interested us. The winners were chosen and put on the year's schedule. Everyone took a turn as leader and all contributed and participated. Each had a turn at hosting. Refreshments were served. Most of us don't have enough stimulating conversations in out lives devoted to exchanging views and ideas. In order to nourish the soul, we need to feed our minds. Why not consider joining or starting a book club? Join a group of folks that want to expand their minds and occupy themselves away from pressing matters and delve into reading good literature. Go ahead, broaden your appreciation for reading.

Here's to the AAUW gals: Doris, Jan, Nancy, Pat, Sue...

Here's to the church gal: Jane, Nancy, Sharon, Bria, both Lindas, Leslie, Kristi

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