Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Summer is on its way to the NW, and it is a season of delights to be sure. Flowers blooming, birds singing, children playing - signs of life and beauty are all around us. Occasions to celebrate abound, and I do love a good celebration, don't you?

My immediate family recently had a "get-together" in honor of Mother's Day. It was a glorious gathering with my beautiful one year old and four year old granddaughters running around. My husband smoked meat for southern pulled pork sandwiches (delicious). My sons brought me flowers and cards. My husband gave me M&Ms, specially made with my picture on them and words saying #1 Mom and #1 G'ma.

I like to start each day with a grateful heart. I certainly have countless reasons to do so. I'm surrounded with beauty - in my garden, home, and loved ones. All these things are brimming with inspiration.

Recently, we built a new deck, half is covered. Eventually, we will screen that portion to keep out insects. I look forward to finding a quiet sitting place on my back porch where I can relax and soak up the refreshing feel of a true summer.

News: I am so sad to reveal to readers that my father has been diagnosed with acute leukemia and has been given two weeks to two months to live. This has been quite a shock, we've always felt he'd outlive my mother. He will be 82 years old on his birthday. I would covet your prayers at this time. He is a believer and an honorable man.

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