Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Easy Breezy

Warm weather draws me outside to enjoy the pleasures of my new porch/deck, which is partially covered. It is almost done. Can't wait to fluff up the pillows on the porch swing and sit a spell drinking sweet ice tea whittling the time away. I will cherish the time spent in my new outdoor space , a fresh-air extension of my home. I look forward to making the space comfortable and gracious with some decor. I anticipate spending time reading books/magazine, and listening to music. I expect to sip lemonade and make homemade ice cream. I hope there will be plenty of storytelling and much laughter flowing as the sun goes down. Sounds I will hear: crickets chirping, swing creaking, frogs croaking, and kids playing. I intend to spruce up the place with maybe a rocker, swing, wicker, cushy pillows, plants, etc... As summer ushers in, my number one goal is to provide some easy-going entertaining with my friends and family. You know what I mean, gatherings that are relaxed and simple, needing minimal work to achieve. Someday, part of the space will be screened-in. But for now, I'm satisfied to slip off for an afternoon of pure tranquility on the porch.

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