Friday, May 15, 2009

Shades of Blue

Yes, I'm still on this blue kick. Maybe blue is supposed to be a masculine color, but I have a strong affinity for glorious blue. In fact, our first brand new car was none other than classic blue.

There are so many shades of glorious blue that I love: sky blue, ocean blue, baby blue, royal blue, sapphire blue, indigo, navy blue, robin's egg blue, denim blue, peacock blue, cobalt blue, midnight blue, and silver blue. When I think of sky blue, I think of summertime waiting for the ice cream man to come by so that I could buy a blue raspberry popsicle. Powder blue reminds me of eye shadow, Easter, male infants, men's blue oxford shirts. Navy makes me think of uniforms, mariners, business, and flags/banners. Electric blue comes to mind when I think of technology.

Color theorists say that blue is calming, conservative, and pleasing. It symbolizes truth and spirituality. It's associated with stability and trust. They say that more people choose blue as their favorite color over all the rest.

Think of all the terms that use the word "blue" - blue planet (earth), baby blues (eyes), Blues (music), bluebook (pricing), bluestocking (well read), blue blood (upper class), blue ribbon (1st place), out of the blue (unexpected), once in a blue moon (seldom), blue-plate special (deal), blue in the face (exasperated), wild blue yonder, and true blue (loyal).

So tell me, what's your favorite color? Why?

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