Thursday, July 23, 2009

Photographic Memories

There's something romantic about the written connections from years past. But until the 1800s, mail was often refused because recipients did not want to pay the costly postage prices. Then, the 1st U.S. stamps were introduced in 1849 and suddenly a craze for corresponding quickly developed.

With postage costs suddenly more affordable, the public became particularly interested in exchanging quick written messages. Precursors to the present-day postcard appeared in forms such as lithograph prints and envelopes with pictures printed on them. By the 1870s, the post office offered "postal cards" preprinted with a 1-cent stamp. "Souvenir" cards, privately published cards, grew in popularity.

Collecting postcards is one of the world's most popular hobbies. The endless range of subjects adds to their mass appeal. Anything from landmark buildings to exotic locations to historical events are desired.

Though serious collectors may seek postcards for their grand historical significance, these pictorial records are more than a way to piece the past together. Cards collected over time illustrate your life's journey, snapshots of not just a special place in time, but a specific page in your personal story.

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