Saturday, July 11, 2009


Makeup makes me feel dressed up, daring, somewhat attractive, and always cheerful. I love wearing makeup - now. But this was not always the case. From my birth to adulthood, I was not allowed to wear any makeup. However, I did sneak it at times when I got to my destination and removed it before returning home. It was my father who truly abhored makeup, my mother had more tolerance for it, maybe 'cause she was a female and could have more understanding for the need to be vain.

You see, my parents believed that wearing makeup was worldly, sinful, and akin to Jezebel! They had strict religious convictions about the subject. They believed a young lady should be virtuous on the inside and did not need to adorn the outside.

I was always jealous of my friends who could wear it freely. They looked so pretty and I looked so "plain-Jane." Looking back on photos then, I appeared somewhat insecure and self-conscious. My face could have certainly used some makeup to highlight my facial assets and hide my imperfections.

Once I did start wearing makeup as an adult, I was years behind my peers in "applying" experience. I was never taught the right way to wear makeup. I didn't know about makeup brushes, liners, or concealers. Yes, I had my challenges, but through the years I've "self-taught" myself by observing others and studying fashion magazines.

I have found that makeup is worth the trouble. Few people in this world have true natural beauty. Most need some additional help. Believe me, I'm no makeup artist, but I have trained myself to create a pleasing look (to me anyway).

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