Saturday, August 15, 2009

Southern Rules

“Sir” and “Ma’am” are not just for occasional usage.

Men hold doors for women/ seniors.

If someone else needs a seat, you give them your seat, and you don’t complain.

“Being a good Samaritan” is not just a saying, its an understood way of life.

"Darling”, “Sweetheart”, “Honey”, and “Dear” are used, for the most part, as endearing expressions.

You can dislike someone as much as you want, but when you see them you act cordially.

When you bump into someone you say “pardon” or “excuse me.”

Waving at people you don’t know or asking how they’re doing is not to be looked down upon.

You can take time to slow down. Slower paced lives are happier lives.

Say “God bless you” when someone sneezes.

When in doubt, be as polite as possible. Only confront others when confronted.

People hug one another, its OK.

If you disagree with something, be polite. “Oh….I see,” or “Oh…thats nice, Darlin” will suffice.

Saying grace at the table, even to yourself, should not be looked upon with disdain.

The only place where cars still stop (even on the highway) for funerals.

ALL people have the ability to behave like Southerners, though not necessarily recreate the accent.

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