Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Night Before Christmas

To the rest of the world, today is Christmas Eve.  But to my husband & I, it's our 31st wedding anniversary!  Yes, I can hardly believe it.  My, how time passes!  It's been great to live my life with my most favorite person in the world and my best friend.  Few people get that chance.  I've been one of the fortunate ones.  Looking forward to another 31 years or more together!

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Saralee said...

I don't mind you using my Polyvore sets but it would be nice if you didn't remove my name from my work. I just checked back to this set and my name is definately on it and now it has been removed for your blog. You should at least give credit where credit is due! I would ask if you use my work in the future that you don NOT remove my signature!