Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Ever wonder how to create an eye-pleasing look in your decor? Have you ever heard of the "60-30-10" rule? Take a look at a magazine page. Notice that:

60% of the color hue unifies the space.

30% provides visual interest.

10% adds that little spark of bling.

So, when decorating a room remember this rule:

60% - dominant color

30 % - secondary color

10% - accent color

It's not much different than assembling an apparel outfit. For example, take a man's suit:

60% - slacks & jacket

30% - dress shirt

10% - neck tie

Now, just translate the same idea to a room setting:

60% - wall/flooring color

30% - upholstery seating color

10% - accents/floral arrangement/pillow

Hopefully, you found this to be enlightening and useful!

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