Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Own Creations

Building a "home" is a type of creativity that is open to all. Although you may think you don't have an "eye" for art or the patience for handmade work, you can still discover the joy and bliss of making your home a true work of art. My home is my hobby. Crafting becomes an art whenever I stencil a wall, design a wreath, spruce up a 2nd hand find, decoupage a tray, or plant a window box . My residence is where I can make my surroundings reflect my style and passion. I enjoy putting my personal "stamp" on things. It makes them "one of a kind" items. Home is where we know we belong. I'm more relaxed and at ease in my own abode than anywhere else in the world. Are there projects you've been meaning to tackle? Go ahead, give into the urge. Remember, your dwelling place is the essence of your subsistence.

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