Saturday, April 25, 2009


Welcome to my blog. I've enjoyed viewing others' blogs for months now and finally have gotten the guts to start my own. It's a pleasure to make my digital debut. Please bear with me as I fine-tune this site in the days to come. Apologies in advance. So, here starts the journey. Launch.

Without further ado -camera, lights, action: Allow me to introduce myself, it is a pleasure to "virtually" meet you, I'm Nina. Born and raised in the South. Moved to the Northwest in 1979. Happily married to the love of my life who loves to spoil me. Bore and raised two great sons who are both married to lovely wives. Devoted grandmother to two beautiful granddaughters (no kidding) and a grandson on the way (due in July). Work as a substitute teacher which means I get days off and still make a little "play" money and still have some leisure time to pursue my interests.

Speaking of interests: I enjoy scrapbooking/cardmaking, home decor, fashion, travel, playhouse theatre, shopping (not at malls), entertaining/hosting, cooking, gardens, reality tv shows, quiz shows, magazines, catalogs, reading, music, friendships, socializing, grand-parenting, ... well you get the idea, after all I am a woman!

Intention: Share thoughts, pictures, stories, conversations, memories, theories, wishes, experiences, ideas, encounters, impressions, latest developments, activities, suggestions, problems, comments, views, quips, complaints, impressions, tips, challenges, and perspectives.

If you read this, I am delighted. Hope it meets your approval. Please respond. I welcome your comments. I promise I'll take time to read all blogs.

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